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Dear Ms. H, Congratulations on the purchasing of our family home.  My sister and I sincerely hope that you will be happy here.  Our decision to sell our family property was difficult for us to make.  For a while I considered holding on to it; I imagined all the improvements, large and small, I would make to […]

Church Part II


Yesterday I attended Mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus church in Baltimore.  I don’t know much about the church’s history yet, but I do know in recent years it consolidated with the now-closed St. Michael’s  Church and the earthquake damaged St. Patrick’s, both in Fells Point.  The new church community, overseen by the Redemptorists of […]

Owning a puppy in Fells Point, Baltimore, is as close as I’ll ever get to being a celebrity. This is Laz, short for Lazarus.  Laz is a Black Lab mixed with some kind of terrier.  Our building has strict rules about what breeds do and do not make the cut, but luckily Black Labs fall […]

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