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Today is the five year anniversary of my father’s death and I’ve been wondering for a few weeks what I might say about it.  I’ve been curious how I would feel about it, and honestly, not much is coming up.  It feels like an important date to pause and offer a quiet prayer of thanksgiving […]

It’s been twelve years since my mom died.  That’s over a quarter of my life.  Many of my adult years have been shaped by grief, and that’s been hard.  But I’m also really happy where I am right now, so as much as I wish things had been easier along the way, I’m glad I’ve […]

Good Grief


My dad died two years ago today.  I’ve read and heard more than a few times that it typically takes around two years to get over — or at least come to terms with — the death of a loved one.  Personally, I don’t really believe in such timetables.  I like to give the human […]

Goodbye, Steve


First Quarter Check In I was really looking forward to 2016.  2015 wasn’t that great, but that’s okay.  Traditionally, the 6’s have been good to me.  2006 was awesome; 1996 was radical.  1986 was a little bit of a clunker because my dog, Ivan, died. But I was 7, so… water under the bridge.  Two out […]

Dear Ms. H, Congratulations on the purchasing of our family home.  My sister and I sincerely hope that you will be happy here.  Our decision to sell our family property was difficult for us to make.  For a while I considered holding on to it; I imagined all the improvements, large and small, I would make to […]

Last night I dreamed that my sister and I went to Lansdowne to get the last of our possessions out of our parents’ house.  The weather was mild and we opened the windows to bring in some much needed fresh air.  On the way back down to Baltimore I remembered I’d left the windows open.  […]



MAD Magazines, Political Pins, Mugs, Stamps… These are some of the things my father collected. View this post on Instagram Don't collect stuff. It's dumb. #DadsHouse A post shared by Steve (@steberle2001) on Dec 26, 2014 at 12:02pm PST Early Simpsons Paraphenalia, Coins, Rocks, Matchbox Cars… None of the collections were particularly extensive or well […]

“Fuck you, Steve!” That’s what my dad shouted just as the extended family gathered around the table for Christmas dinner in December 2013.  My dad and I had a history of bickering and I wasn’t sure what kind of a response from my latest barb I expected, but it certainly wasn’t that.  I turned around […]

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