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Church Part II


Yesterday I attended Mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus church in Baltimore.  I don’t know much about the church’s history yet, but I do know in recent years it consolidated with the now-closed St. Michael’s  Church and the earthquake damaged St. Patrick’s, both in Fells Point.  The new church community, overseen by the Redemptorists of […]

Tracey Halvorsen’s article, “Baltimore City, You’re Breaking My Heart” really made the rounds on the Internet today. Posted by friends in and out of Baltimore as well as my own neighborhood group, Ms. Halvorsen’s article offers a cathartic response to an increase in crime and an incredibly tragic incident in Canton. As for my own […]



I’ve got a complicated relationship with church. With an MA in Pastoral and Spiritual Care and a career spent in faith-based enterprises, you’d think I’m a pretty churchy person.  In college I earned scholarships for singing in the liturgical music group and spent my early-20s cantoring Masses in my parish in South Baltimore.  Once upon […]

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